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YouTube Strategy

YouTube is different than any other social media platform — because with social media, old content rarely gets discovered, promoted, or shared. Most people think of YouTube as another social media platform and overlook that it’s actually a Video Search Engine. In fact, it’s the 2nd- largest search engine in the world, behind only Google itself. Google even pulls YouTube videos when performing searches. Pretty cool, huh?

How many people are looking at your old Facebook posts? How about your Instagram posts from 2 years ago? The truth is social posts generally have a short “shelf life” and then the river flows on and there are new posts to look at. Most social media focuses on ‘Recency’.

YouTube is different. YouTube focuses on ‘Relevance’. Yes, it has some of the similarities to a social network in that you can subscribe to people’s feeds, you can browse through the feed for recent posts, and you can leave comments on videos. But the most common way people use YouTube is through the search engine feature.

As a search engine, YouTube can deliver views on your videos months or even years from now.

So how do you get your videos to rank in the YouTube search engine?

The strategy we deploy is called YouTube Optimization and it really helps your videos get discovered by the search engine over time as we are properly optimizing every aspect of your video and metadata for the ‘long tail effect’.

We can help you optimize your existing content to be discovered and drive more traffic. Or we can help you build a custom content approach designed for success on Youtube.

Vertical River launched the “30 Days of YouTube Optimization” informational content series on April 1, 2020 – no joke. Kendrick is the host of 30DYTO and he’s sharing some of our YouTube secret sauce here, so check it and start tuning up your YouTube channels today.

Here’s episode #1:

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Vertical River co-founder Kendrick Disch is a YouTube Certified Channel Growth Strategist, who geeks out on creating custom YouTube strategies.

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