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SnapAttack Explainer Video

Transforming a Complicated Product Message Into Compelling Visual Storytelling

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, explaining complex concepts and solutions to potential clients can be a daunting task. SnapAttack, a leading cybersecurity platform, faced this challenge head-on. Their product is the first to attack hackers with a hacker’s mindset. Cool, right? But what they needed was a way to quickly hook prospects with their message and generate high-quality leads.

Partnering Up for Great Work

Brand consultancy, ModusMark, had done a messaging strategy for SnapAttack and wanted to help them bring it to life via video. Having worked with Vertical River previously, Founder Kate Jacoutot knew the skill sets were complementary and that her team and ours have always had great communication and collaboration. Her team is focused on writing and we’re all about visuals. Together, we knew we could tell SnapAttack’s story in a totally fresh new way.

Snapattack Explainer VIDEO

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The Perfect Storm

The collaboration began with refining the concept. ModusMark, armed with an understanding of SnapAttack’s messaging strategy, worked closely with Vertical River to capture the essence of the product in a way Security Operations Center (SOC) managers would connect with in a heartbeat.

We embraced the messaging strategy and built upon it through visual storytelling. “The original script had some really great copy around ‘the perfect storm’ and ‘the noise in a SOC’ and Vertical River really latched onto that idea and built off it. We didn’t even consider incorporating an actual storm into the video concept,” Jacoutot said.

Our approach used high-quality stock footage and custom motion graphics to bring the concept to life, and the final effect is pretty dramatic. The software, itself, is also a focus of the video of course and we wanted to make it look its absolute best. Our team took screenshots and worked to simplify it down to its visual essence in order to make it seem more user friendly and polished in the quick glimpses this video provides.

The resulting video gives provides an overview of the key outcomes SnapAttack delivers, simplifying technical jargon without oversimplifying the solution. But what’s so exciting is how our approach differentiates this explainer video from hundreds of others in the space with an approach that captures attention and resonates with both technical and non-technical audiences, alike.

At a two-minute run time, the video is an incredibly effective top-of-the-funnel introduction tool that can drive interest in deeper content like the company’s 30-minute webinar. The project demonstrates the remarkable impact effective visual storytelling can have in the tech space.

Delivering Impact

SnapAttack was so thrilled with the final product that they put it on their homepage, where it is a significant driver of qualified sales leads.

“Overall feedback on the video has been great! It has the right vibe for our brand and it tells enough of the story to get someone interested in engaging, I’ll definitely refer people to you and certainly when we have another video project we’ll hit you up.”  

– Paul Caiazzo, SnapAttack’s Chief Growth Officer 

Through our collaboration with ModusMark, we successfully brought the complex topic of innovative Cyber Security solutions to life through an engaging and informative explainer video.

If you think something like this could help you tell your important story, we’d love to chat. Just get in touch to schedule a call.