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Kendeda Fund Documentary Photography

The Kendeda Fund is a private family foundation based in Atlanta, Georgia, that focuses on community-driven solutions.

The Kendeda Fund is dedicated to exploring how human beings can build a more just and equitable world, one in which we use resources wisely and relate to one another more mindfully.

We’ve done a few projects with them and they invited us to document the behind-the-scenes of a company retreat. This assignment focused on photographing and documenting the people that have devoted their careers to the cause. 

During our time together, we visited the MODA and strolled the Beltline to attended a presentation under the Freedom Parkway bridge.

These images are a part of the permanent archive of the work Kendeda Fund was able to do during their existence.

Documentary style photography is a great way to build an image library and create content for your marketing materials and social channels.