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CDC Foundation: World No Tobacco Day Animation

Our values revolve around being a net positive addition to the world and working with purpose-driven brands that are making a difference. So when we were engaged by the CDC Foundation to create an animation to bring awareness around the damage that the tobacco industry caused, we were excited to help. 

For World No Tobacco Day, we had the opportunity to create an animated short film that would help bring positive change, and with the guidance of the CDC Foundation, we were honored to help tell that story.

The animation for World No Tobacco Day focused on the 2022 theme of “Tobacco: Threat to our environment”. The project aimed to highlight the six phases of the Tobacco Lifecycle and their detrimental impact on the environment, people, and animals. The animation needed to align with the CDC Foundation’s existing print materials and be concise enough for social media. We created a powerful animation along with six social media shorts.

The animation delves into each phase of the Tobacco Lifecycle, emphasizing its negative consequences. Phase One addressed the environmental effects of tobacco farming and growing, including man-created soil erosion. Phase Two explored the harmful aspects of tobacco curing and the impact on land and those handling the leaves. Phase Three focused on the manufacturing process, particularly highlighting water consumption. Phase Four examined the transportation phase and its associated pollution. Phase Five shed light on the harms of smoking to people, the environment, and animals. Finally, Phase Six addressed the disposal of tobacco, particularly on cigarette filters, their non-biodegradability, and their detrimental impact on the environment.

The project underwent a thorough pre-production period involving script development, storyboarding, and the creation of an animatic so that the CDC Foundation could really envision the project vision as we created it.  


The production period involved animating illustrated assets provided by the CDC Foundation, as well as creating a lot of new ones as needed. During post-production, sound effects and music were added to enhance the animation, and the final product was also divided into six short segments for social media distribution and promotion.

Through our collaboration with the CDC Foundation, we successfully brought the complex topic of the Tobacco Lifecycle’s environmental impact to life through an engaging and informative animation.

If you think something like this could help you tell your important story, we’d love to chat. Just get in touch to schedule a call.