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Our Instagram Reels “Title-Safe” graphic overlay

Link to grab it is HERE

When we started posting reels to our Instagram accounts, we quickly realized there were a lot of variables to make sure that text wasn’t getting cut off or interfering with the app’s graphic overlays.

Instagram crops the Reels video differently based on what section of the app you were viewing it from. The grid, the feed, and the full-screen modes all had different areas that were going to be title-safe areas.

In the broadcast world, there is something called a ‘Title-Safe Area’ that editors use to make sure important information doesn’t get cropped out when the video is broadcast.

So we set out to design our own “Title-Safe” overlay we could use to keep track of where we should and shouldn’t put text. But this turned out to be much more complex than we imagined.

We thought it might be helpful to others so we decided to share our instagram reels ‘title-safe’ graphic overlay. You can download that and read more behind the scenes of how we made this graphic and the problems it solves by going to this page.