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Advertising and Media Buying

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” Mark Twain

We think ol’ Mr. Twain is right on here. The most important thing he says here is “the right kind of advertising.” But what is the right kind of advertising? That’s a case-by-case answer, and we work closely with all our clients to develop a deep understanding of their business and their marketing goals and objectives. Once we’re aligned with our clients we work hard to research and develop a marketing strategy utilizing the most impactful tactics to engage with their target audience.

Advertising works better the more you do it, and do it well. To do it well, you need a combination of impactful, relevant ad content (not just copy) and a distribution (media) plan to deliver it to the intended audience. Great content is only as strong as the plan in place to amplify it.

From ideation and production to amplification and optimization, we deliver big-agency ideas and results without any of the big-agency rigmarole.

We do this by engaging consumers where they live, work, and play: scrolling down the rivers of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, the Web, and other digital channels. We also have the experience and knowledge to plan, buy, and leverage traditional media when that’s the most strategic route to the hearts and minds of your target consumers.

Our Media planning and buying experience is a powerful advantage we bring to our clients, and are adept at developing winning media strategies for brands in a myriad of industries. Upon locking in your plan, we’ll put our media buying skills to work to ensure your message reaches your target audience where they’re most likely to engage with it.

We have the strategy chops and connections to reach your target consumers where and when they’re most responsive to your message. From broadcast TV and radio, to programmatic, to out-of-home, to social, to event activations, to celebrity endorsements, to print, and any other possible media outlet that makes sense for your brand.

We’re advocates for finding solutions that are outside the norm, when it makes sense. Some folks don’t give much credence to billboards, and some of those folks aren’t aware that the industry name for this type of advertising is “out of home” advertising. We know “OOH” is way more than just billboards or signs on buses/trains (transit). We know that OOH can be anything from visual content projected onto downtown buildings in America’s most populated cities’ consumer corridors to commissioned “graffiti-style” murals created by renowned commercial artists like Greg Mike.

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