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Kudos To Those Adapting To Pandemic Conditions

It’s been about 5 weeks since the COVID-19 pandemic started to drastically impact our lives on a personal and business level here in the United States. Even with the significant negative impact this outbreak is having on our lives, there is an incredible amount of inspiring and innovative action being taken from the ground floor to the C-suite.

We know success in business requires agility and adapting to unexpected change, especially when the change is severe – like it is now. The good news is, we all have incredible access to technology that can help keep business running and communication channels open.

Beyond leveraging technology to adapt, some folks are just being creative in doing what they do best. Here are some examples of Georgia businesses using technology and innovative thinking to provide value in these volatile times:

Greg Mike & ABV Agency’s Inner Space Project

Greg is a prolific, creative street and commercial artist whose work you might know without even realizing it. He’s also the founder of the ABV Agency that helps companies like Porsche use street art for commercial advertising. Greg develops other unique event activations, like the Outer Space Project –  an event series that merges public art, live music, design, action sports and culture (

Greg and ABV recently adapted the Outer Space concept into the Inner Space Project virtual arts festival for today’s “stay inside” times – Here’s Greg’s LinkedIn post announcing Inner Space:

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Terrapin Beer Co’s Virtual Happy Hour & Concert Series

Cheers to Terrapin for using Facebook Live and YouTube to host virtual Happy Hours and Virtual Concerts from their taproom in Athens, GA. Kudos on adapting to tough times and providing some value & socially-distanced fun to your consumers, Terrapin.

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Terrapin’s Founder Spike Buckowski and President Dustin Watts are fans of more than just good beer and good times, too. They’ve been developing some innovative ways to incorporate green energy into their production process recently, too. Check out their Terraprint sustainability initiative here, and stay tuned for their virtual happy hours and concerts.

Sara Blakely & SPANX $5 Millon Relief Effort

Sara took the COVID-19 relief effort into her own hands. She’s giving $5 MILLION to female small entrepreneurs via the Red Backpack Fund.

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The Spindle’s Making Masks For ATLiens

My good friend Ezz-Eldin Hassan owns the smallest business on this list, but he’s setting a HUGE example of how to keep business going, while helping his community. Ezz is a custom cycling-bag maker. He’s shifting gears from custom bags and packs to reusable face masks for medical workers and regular folks. Here’s the link to buy masks and to donate them to local health care workers:

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King of Pops’ Unexpected Moments of Happiness

Nick and Steven Carse have built a big business making delicious popsicles and making people happy. They’ve turned their efforts into a campaign they call Unexpected Moments of Happiness. They’re always looking for new ways to deliver these UMOHs along with their yummy pops. Here’s how they’re helping their employees through this crisis AND delivering UMOHs to the folks who need ‘em most right now – medical pros.

Here’s the link to help K.O.P. reach their funding goal if you’d like to donate:

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Vertical River’s 30 Days of YouTube Optimization with Kendrick Disch

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to toot our own horn a bit here. My Vertical River partner Kendrick is dishing out his YouTube expertise and knowledge daily all month long on LinkedIn via our “30 Days of YouTube Optimization” content series. Video #1 launched April 1. It breaks down all the ways YouTube can be used as a powerful marketing channel and why it beats other social media on relevancy and longtail value.

Here’s a look at Kendrick’s first “30 Days of YouTube” post:

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Please check out #30DYTO by connecting with us on LinkedIn, and use these daily videos to up your YouTube game. Please share them with your network if you find them valuable.

There are so many more independent business owners, brands and organizations creatively adapting their businesses to help us through these volatile times. From DJ’s, to musicians, to teachers, to churches, and many more.

Pre-produced video and live-streamed content are effective ways to safely communicate with colleagues, clients, partners, vendors, and consumers. This doesn’t need to be expensive. Authentic, self-produced videos or virtual fireside chats, Google hangouts, Zoom meetings, and other virtual get-togethers can go a long way to keeping business going and keep people informed and engaged.

Vertical River is here to help you leverage video and technology to keep going and growing. Please reach out if we can help guide you, and stay healthy.