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Election Day Is A Vertical River Holiday

Vertical River is making Election Day a company holiday from this day forward, and we encourage and support the effort to make Election Days national, federal, and local holidays. Voting is a fundamental right and duty of all citizens. Tuesday, November 3 is one of the most important elections in our nation’s history. It’s become clear to us that ALL elections are critically important to the success of our nation, all the way down to local elections that directly impact our daily lives.

We want our employees to spend this November 3 and every future Election Day voting and helping other eligible American citizens to VOTE. Whether or not our employees voted early, by mail, or plan to vote in person on Nov 3, we are proud to prioritize the democratic process moving forward. We also realize that there are more than just the major two- and four-year election cycles. To this end, Vertical River will provide our staff the necessary flexibility to vote and actively participate in all elections whether or not it’s considered an official company holiday. You can visit, and for our fellow Georgians, for more information on how and where to safely cast your ballot. 

Get out there and VOTE, y’all! 

#NOV32020 #VOTE #MakeElectionDaysHolidays

Additional Voter Information Resources: