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Meet Kendrick

kendrick disch


Kendrick is a Youtube Certified growth strategist, cinematographer, videographer, photographer and marketing technologist, always solving problems with a camera, keyboard, and even sometimes his bare hands.

His love of multimedia first ignited in a computer lab at The University of Arkansas and fueled by a quest for knowledge and a love of his craft, he studied photography and videography in Santa Fe, Maine and Atlanta and has worked for agencies, brands, and a multi-billion dollar ‘not for profit’.

When his previous gig leading a creative content team for a healthcare marketing company came to a screeching halt, he put on his business ballcap and negotiated with the liquidation consultants to gear up for this new adventure, navigating the Vertical River. 

Kendrick embraces his inner nerd and loves talking shop with those passionate about cameras, drones, YouTube, marketing technology, process, big ideas and travel. When he’s not tinkering on something digital, you’ll find him exploring the world with his better half Jen or hanging at home in Atlanta with their handsome hound, Levi.

If you’d like to learn more, you can peep him on Instagram: @kendrick.disch.

Check out his LinkedIn profile for the professional details.

"Seeing the world through a camera lens is a life changing view!" - Kendrick Disch


What is the Vertical River?

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