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30 days of YouTube

A free email course with YouTube certified expert Kendrick Disch


Are you frustrated by posting videos ton YouTube and not getting many views! Are you wondering how other channels grow steadily over time but yet your channel doesn’t? 

There’s a science to succeeding on YouTube and we can help you learn that science, grow your audience, and get more return on the investment you’re making in video content. 

» Sick of posting videos to YouTube and not getting many views?
» Don’t know where to start?
» Need to get some ROI on your videos? 

We’ve put together a 30 day course that you’ll receive entirely via email, that contains over 90 minutes of video training covering things such as understanding the YouTube analytics, channel branding, YouTube SEO, linking strategy, and much much more. 

Watch below for the first video in the series that explains why YouTube is such a powerful tool for marketing:

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When you sign up here on this form, you’ll get an email from me, everyday for the next 30 days with a video explaining another way you can optimize your YouTube channel for growing and increasing your ROI. And this is totally free! 

There’s more than an 90 minutes worth of high quality video training that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Many people mistake YouTube for just another social media platform, but it’s not. YouTube is a very powerful marketing platform if you understand how the YouTube algorithm works and even better, how it works over time to keep your videos getting views from new potential customers. As you can see on the chart below, social media gets a lot of views quickly but then fades away into nearly nothing, on the other hand, YouTube takes a little longer to pay off, but the views keep accumulating over time. 

P.S. Want to skip the training and get 1:1 with one of our YouTube certified strategists? We’d love to help you grow your views and revenue even faster!

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nope. not interested in ROI.