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3 Micro-Documentaries featuring the winners of the AMY Awards

We believe in the power of storytelling to create a better world. The power to share inspiration and knowledge with our work is quite literally our reason for getting out of bed each day. So yeah, we take this stuff quite seriously.

We recently had the privilege of telling three stories about amazing marketers in the Atlanta community. In collaboration with Express Your Visions, we crafted tiny little micro-documentaries about the passions that drive Moira Vetter, Robert Carnes, and Jo Ann Herold.

We were thrilled to showcase their stories at the Amy Awards, a celebration hosted by the Atlanta chapter of AMA, which brings the Atlanta marketing community together to award the best contributions to the field of marketing each year. Each of these individuals has a unique perspective on the power of marketing to drive positive change and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to share their insights with the world.


Lifetime Achievement Award – Moira Vetter

Moira Vetter, the founder of Modo Modo Agency, started her own agency in 2007 after discovering her passion for working with agencies while employed at a tech startup. Vetter believes that Modo Modo’s success comes from their ability to think beyond just marketing and to focus on the bigger picture of business growth. But Vetter strongly believes there’s more to marketing than just growing a business – it’s about being creative and thinking outside the box to challenge the transformation of a business, division, or brand that helps communities flourish.


Volunteer of the Year – Robert Carnes

Robert Carnes advocates for the enrichment of communities through volunteering and believes in exploring different paths while learning new things through volunteer work, and then sharing the skills and knowledge he gains with various organizations. As a member of the Mentorship and Colligate Committees of AMA Atlanta, Carnes mentors and connects marking professionals with college events for student education. His common goal is to contribute to the next generation’s education and provide them with opportunities to learn from professionals. Carnes encourages volunteering as a means of personal and professional growth while making a difference in the world.


Marketer for Good – Jo Ann Herold

Jo Ann Herold, the founder and CEO of Herold Growth Consulting, believes that marketing can be a force for good. She shares her experience of using purposeful marking to help eradicate childhood hunger in the community while working as the vice president of the Arby’s Foundation. Herold emphasizes that having a clear sense of purpose and a commitment to doing good can attract like-minded individuals, foster stronger connections, and leave a lasting legacy. Her story highlights the power of purposeful marking and the importance of making a meaningful contribution to society.


We are honored to have been a part of these stories and to help amplify the voices of these Atlanta stars. Moira Vetter’s entrepreneurial journey, Robert Carnes’ commitment to volunteering and mentorship, and Jo Ann Herold’s dedication to marketing for good all serve as powerful reminders of the impact that marketing can have on society. We hope that these stories inspire others to use their skills and expertise to create positive change in their communities and beyond.